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Where I belong

Publié le 13 Septembre 2013

  • Red maple, autumn has been deep, Lengyue cry dew flowers without soul, thousand moon to several people? Toss red bean, send the who?

    -- "

    Month make Shuying, subtle fragrance floating, the night to my deep thoughts quietly ink dye HK Corset. A hint of autumn, rang the hanging of the string of purple in autumn light in memory campanula. I lazily lying in bed, eyes closed, as the messy thoughts fly.

    Your shadow filled my mind, but I do not know in what they want. I just remember, you once said: the vibrant, forever, love you forever. But the flow of time, pledge already cannot afford a way, already dense smoke scatters with the wind. I stretched out my hand, has not catch a vow of temperature.

    My love, like a wilted flower, in the autumn. By autumn, the vast sky, I a person walk alone in the thin cool the depths of time, love has gone away, who can hold?

    Buddha said: the world everything is karma. I believe, I believe.

    Presumably, if not meet, will not know; if you don't know, don't know; if you don't know, will not love; if not love, will not have today's heart.

    The plain out my thoughts Women Underwear, my heart has been twisted into floating weeds. Spend the night Yuxiang difficult to pick up, who can remember, the world of a bend of the flowers?

    Why, I take the thoughts of Lan Zhou, but also is not to have you there? Why, my flute times, but could not play a wonderful piece of music? Why, my poetry Yin times, but couldn't write a love poem?

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