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  • Their brain space

    13 mars 2013

    An enigmatic branch of the human family tree, Neanderthals lived in parts of Europe, Central Asia and Middle East for up to 300,000 years but vanished from the fossil record about 30-40,000 years ago. Why they disappeared is one of the hottest topics...

  • Rob drug kingpin Africa

    06 avril 2013 ( #News )

    US agents have captured the former head of Guinea-Bissau's navy, an alleged kingpin in the west African nation's drugs trade with Latin America, in a sting operation on the high seas, intelligence sources and media say. Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto was...

  • Where I belong

    13 septembre 2013

    Red maple, autumn has been deep, Lengyue cry dew flowers without soul, thousand moon to several people? Toss red bean, send the who? -- " Month make Shuying, subtle fragrance floating, the night to my deep thoughts quietly ink dye HK Corset. A hint of...

  • The world's most high-profile monarch

    12 juillet 2013

    The newborn is guaranteed to be monarch of the world's most high-profile royal family regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl as a result of new succession laws. And for the first time in more than 100 years the next three generations to wear the crown...

  • Sentenced to life in prison

    13 mars 2013

    The cases, dating back to the country's last 1976-1983 military regime, were dubbed "pregnant women" because seven of the victims were partners of detainees who, nuskin at the time of their arrests, were expecting. In addition to the five life terms,...

  • Mother's Day gifts?

    07 mai 2013

    In 2013, mother's Day is coming, so mother's Day gifts? You're a mother's Day gift headache? Here's what the mother's Day gifts through a small story hk gift and premium. An old lady in her 80 years old birthday, received her only daughter's birthday...

  • 15 Things Successful People Never Say At Work

    01 avril 2016

    Successful people are a class apart. Whatever they do, they set a benchmark and they do it with some style. Mindsets are like viral infections. One of the best things you could do is surround yourself with successful people in your workplace. Their work...

  • The conviction of North pedophilia

    19 septembre 2013

    One month after he was jailed indefinitely for sexually abusing schoolboys he taught ielts score, convicted Northland pedophile James Parker has been struck off the teaching register. The Teachers Council Disciplinary Tribunal this week took the unusual...

  • Siri usage and engagement dropped since last year, as Alexa and Cortana grew

    26 juin 2013

    Siri remains the most popular virtual assistant with 41.4 million monthly active users in the U.S., according to a new report from measurement firm Verto Analytics out this morning, but it has seen a 15 percent decline since last year – or 7.3 million...